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Hypoluxo Real Estate, Condos

Population: 2,015 2000 Census

Hypoluxo real estate is in a choice location of Palm Beach County. There is a healthy amount of condos available. The prices for these condos are quite varied with ranges from under $100,000 to over $700,000. Hypoluxo has a smaller amount of single-family homes available. Here you will find most homes priced between $300,000 and around $1,000,000. Because of its location, Hypoluxo real estate offers many homes with waterviews.

The name Hypoluxo comes from a Seminole word that refers to its geographic location along the Intercoastal Waterway. The Town calls itself the home of the "Barefoot Mailman" because of the way mail had to be delivered for a period back in the 1800s.

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Single Family Homes For Sale

Price RangeBedrooms   Price RangeBedrooms
Under $300,0002+ 3+ 4+   $500,000-$1,000,0002+ 3+ 4+
$300,000-$500,0002+ 3+ 4+   $1,000,000+ 2+ 3+ 4+


Condos For Sale

Price RangeBedrooms   Price RangeBedrooms
Under $300,0001+ 2+ 3+   $500,000-$1,000,0001+ 2+ 3+
$300,000-$500,0001+ 2+ 3+   $1,000,000+ 1+ 2+ 3+



Visit the Town of Hypoluxo's official Web site here.

Hypoluxo Real Estate, Condos

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